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A roof system that is well built and designed forms one of the most important aspects as far as protecting the home or building from a number of harsh weather conditions goes. In spite of the roofs being built well using designs that are properly drawn and executed, they are bound to suffer some problems related to roofs. These problems are capable of being rectified using quick-fix methods but there are some instances where re roofing is needed to sort out the roof problem.

These situations could be as a result of the roof being in an irreparable state due to extensive damages. However, before one embarks on this important process, it would be important to first of all understand what is re-roofing.


This concept is almost self explanatory in that it constitutes the installation of a new roof as opposed to adding or repariring a roof that existed before. The new roof is either placed on top of the old roof or the old roof is completely torn down and in its place a new roof is installed.

This may sound easy but it is usually a daunting task when it comes to the real implementation on the ground. Re-roofing is done for a number of reasons which can be grouped into two; aesthetic and functional reasons. Below are some of these reasons beginning with the functional reasons;

  • Leaking roof – prevent damage above as well as inside the living space.
  • Replacing cracked or broken tiles
  • Eliminate the problem of matching old tiles to new trends
  • Improving the ventilation and insulation of the roof
  • Update the home’s look (makeover).
  • Add value to the house.